Our T-Rex cake

Seriously, we loved this. Loved it. It was made for the gorgeous and always fabulous Kara from arewenearlythereyet.eu and chelseamamma.co.uk. She asked for a dinosaur cake for her lovely little boy, Sebby, and hopefully we delivered!

The brief was simple – a dinosaur cake, with a chocolate sponge. Favourite dinosaur was a T-Rex, so Dean got to work. He may have had a bit too much fun designing this one – it was one of those “oooh and how about this….and this…..AND THIS?!!” moments when he was getting pencil to paper and designing it. In fact, we have kept the other designs because when our youngest saw them (who also adores everything dino-based) she insisted that we had to make them for her! Totally fine…like I said, we both had so much fun with this!

The cake itself was easy. I used the Primrose Bakery Chocolate Cake recipe, which, if you read my post on the “book” cake, you will know is a favourite. Making the T-Rex head, however, was going to be more of a challenge. This cake is quite a wet cake, so I wouldn’t recommend it if you need a lot of weight supported. We wanted to make the entire thing edible, so rice krispie treats was the only way to go. They give great shape, and weigh practically nothing, making it a better choice than modelling chocolate.  After making up a batch (exceptionally sticky stuff) it was handed to Dean (with a bucket of Trex to coat his hands!) to do his stuff. Because he likes the way that modelling chocolate sculpts, he coated the rice krispies in the chocolate afterwards, for the design work. This meant that it had the detail that we needed, at the perfect weight to sit on top of a cake. Ideal!

It was then passed to me for the paint work. God I love my airbrush. Literally any excuse to use it and I am there. Even in my other job as a makeup teacher, if I can use an airbrush you can guarantee that I will! I mean, what did we do before them??? That’s a post for another time. But yeah, true love.

I kept him a relatively light T-Rex, concentrating on the browns, oranges and greens, and minimising the blood – it is a childrens party after all!! Anyway, we were really quite pleased with how he came out!